A review of the Braves arbitration eligible players

YSuccessful plate appearance.esterday I took the time to break down the arbitration eligible players on the Braves roster. While I figure Peter Moylan, Matt Diaz and even Boone Logan to be picked up I have a tough time seeing Ryan Church and especially Kelly Johnson wearing a tomahawk on their chest in 2010. For the full story you can click here.

Manager Bobby Cox has said that the Braves shouldn’t give up on Kelly Johnson but going by Johnson’s career trend which is similar to Giles can the Braves take a gamble of $3.4 million for a guy that could spend all season on the bench? Sure the idea has been floated that the Braves could trade Johnson once they agree to arbitration but if there’s teams interested in Johnson remains to be seen. Further, why would another team look to acquire a player at Johnson’s salary not having any idea what type of production he could give the lineup. The more you look at it, the more you have to think Kelly Johnson’s days as a member of the Braves are over. Then again stranger things have happened.

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