It’s true: Vince Young will start

Indianapolis Colts v Tennesse TitansIn case you haven’t seen all the headlines floating around. The question of when will the Titans start Vince Young has been laid to rest. After starting the season 0-6 with Kerry Collins the Titans have opted to put Vince Young back as their starting quarterback. Whose call was this will be asked as owner Bud Adams said he wanted Young to start while head coach Jeff Fisher had remained true to Kerry Collins despite his struggles.

Here’s all the proof you need.

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I could link to all the other reports out there but they pretty much say the same thing.

I don’t know what success if any Vince will have but considering the team is 0-6 and out of the playoff picture already does it really matter if Jeff Fisher thought Kerry Collins gave the team a better chance to win? After they got stomped 59-0 in their last game against New England that should have been a clear sign to anyone that something needs to change.

I respect Jeff Fisher for I think he’s done wonders for the Titans franchise but if he was playing for wins this season going forward I have to scratch my head. This is hypothetical here, If Tennessee wins 5-6 games this season with Kerry Collins are they any better then if they had of won 3-4 games with Vince Young and at least seen what if anything he has to offer going forward?

Collins is 36, Young is 26. Collins has proven to be a statue in the pocket and for the course of his career has pretty much been a below league average QB. On the flip side Young didn’t prove anything when his career started but isn’t it worth seeing if there’s anything in the guy you drafted third overall in 2006, a guy you committed $25.8 million in guaranteed money to?

It’s been stated that Young could be gone following the season. Then again Kerry Collins is almost certainly gone and Jeff Fisher probably has burns on the back of his legs by now.

All I’m saying is you are 0-6 at worst you are 0-7 following Sunday’s game. You’re coming off a 59-0 defeat so things can’t be any worse.

John Bman
John Bman
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