Texas vs. Oklahoma didn’t dissapoint loyalists

Loyalist of Texas and OklahomaOklahoma v Texas won’t find problem in what can only be described as a sloppy turnover fest that ended in a 16-13 win for the Longhorns.

Ranked second in the nation the Longhorns mission was simple, Beat OU and continue on with the season.

For Oklahoma it offered a chance to avenge two earlier losses in games in which quarterback Sam Bradford did not play.

Things changed early in the contest.  Early in the first half after Oklahoma had taken an early lead Bradford reinjured his right shoulder leaving him out for the remainder of the contest. Jones was 24 of 43 for 250 yards in relief of Bradford but he threw interceptions on the final two OU drives which doomed the Sooners.

Say what you want about Landry Jones the kid may be talented and all that but comparing him to Sam Bradford is oh I don’t know comparing Colt McCoy to Vince Young the season after Texas won the National Championship.

In truth Bradford, McCoy and Jones were pretty ineffective at getting the ball downfield. After Demarco Murrary’s 64 yard catch on the opening drive the Sooners came away with just 3 points while McCoy’s longest pass of the game went for 14 yards.

Neither team ran the ball well something Texas has struggled with all season. Oklahoma took it a step further finishing with -16 yards rushing on 22 attempts.

All the talk that Texas needed a big victory is pretty loud. I disagree though, Texas just needed a victory. They just needed to keep their record spotless and move on and they were successful. Texas just needs to win the remainder of their games and everything will take care of itself.

Oklahoma was hoping to upset Texas but they kept the game close in large part to their defensive line and had a chance to win late. The game was all we could hope for despite the sloppy play. A close game in October between two rivals.

Any talk of moving Alabama up to second can be ruled irreverent. Alabama still has to beat LSU and more importantly their final game of the regular season which is against…. Florida for the SEC championship.

1. Florida
2. Alabama
3. Texas

Now if 1 beats 2 or 2 beats 1 then 3 moves up. It’s simple math because no one wants to see two teams that just played each other for a Conference Championship play in the National Championship.

So yeas the Eyes of Texas are still upon us all, and more importantly the mouths of the burnt orange can keep smiling.

John Boarman
John Boarmanhttp://www.tireball.com
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