WATCH: Rhianna Pole Dances, Twerks in Music Video For “Pour It Up”

Courtesy of YouTube

Rihanna released the “Pour It Up” video on Wednesday, Oct 2 — and it is everything we expected it to be (and more!) 

Rhianna, 25, sure didn’t hold back the shock factor with the video for “Pour It Up.”  She  is seen sitting upon a throne in a diamond bikini top that just barely covers her nipples, coupled with tiny red bikini bottoms covered in dollar bills and elbow-length black leather gloves as the video starts.

She is wearing dollar bill print platform heels, dark shades and a blonde wig full of tight curls.

Strippers are seen dancing on polls around her. Rhianna throws dollar bills in the air and even twerks in a thong, herself!

The video is so raunchy that its reportedly already in the process of getting banned for its content!

What do you think about this video? Do you think she ‘out twerks’ Miley?


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