Matthias Mayer wins Gold in Men’s Downhill, full Alphine skiing results


Matthias Mayer of Austria won the Gold medal in Men’s Dowhill Alpine skiing.  Less than a second separated the top ten.

Christof Innerhofer of Italy and kjeti Jansrud of Norward claimed Silver and Brozne medals.

US hopeful Bode Miller appeared to be moving towards a Gold after the second split but he hit a few gates and saw his medal chances go away.


Men’s downhill skiing

1. Matthias Mayer Austria 2:06.23
2. Christof Innerhofer Italy 2:06.29
3. Kjetil Jansrud Norway 2:06.33
4. Aksel Lund Svindal Norway 2:06.52
5. Travis Ganong USA 2:06.64
6. Carlo Janka Switzerland 2:06.71
7. Peter Fill Italy 2:06.72
8. Bode Miller USA 2:06.75
9. Max Franz Austria 2:07.03
10. Erik Guay Canada 2:07.04