Sage Kotsenburg of US wins first Olympic medal, men’s slopestyle snowboarding full results

American Sage Kotsenburg won the first gold of the 2014 Winter Olympics on Saturday in men’s slopestyle snowboarding.

Kotsenburg was not heavily expected to win but did so by pulling off a move he had not practiced titled “Back 16 Japan.”

“I ended up landing it, and winning with it,” Kotsenburg said, laughing. The trick is four and a half backwards spins (1620 degrees of rotation), while grabbing the backside of his board (Japan).

Kotsenburg’s score of 93.50 in the first round stood up until the end.

Of course not everyone was happy as some questioned the judging process.

“I just don’t know what the judges wanted to see on the course today,” said Canadian Max Parrot, who finished fifth with a score of 87.25.

Men’s Slopestyle Final Results

Place Name Country Score
1 Sage Kotsenburg USA 93.50
2 Staale Sandbech Norway 91.75
3 Mark McMorris Canada 88.75
4 Sven Thorgren Sweden 87.50
5 Maxence Parrot Canada 87.25
6 Jamie Nicholls Great Britain 85.50
7 Peetu Piiroinen Finland 81.25
8 Yuki Kadono Japan 75.75
9 Sebastien Toutant Canada 58.50
10 Billy Morgan Great Britain 39.75
11 Roope Tonteri Finland 39.00
12 Gjermund Braaten Norway 24.75