IOC rules force US goalie to change her mask

The International Olympic Committee has forced US women’s goalie Jessie Vetter to change her mask.

On the back of her mask was the US Constitution which goes against the rules of the IOC which read no writing. Vetters was also told to remove her name from her helmet.

“No writings of any kind to promote the country is allowed,” artist Ron Slater explained in an email to InGoal. “A sort of ‘our country is better than your country” kind of thing that the IOC frowns upon. Her name had to come off because they see it as self promotion. They wanted everything to be team based. … Our original idea was ‘land of the free, home of the brave,’ and that would have had to have been removed as well.”

Vetter was allowed to keep a USA logo on the left side of her mask but it would have been removed had it been an official USA Hockey logo.




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