Bruce Arians to Colts rumors heat up after he stops down as Cardinals head coach

Rumors of Bruce Arians replacing Chuck Pagano have re-ignited after the 65-year-old coach stepped down from his spot as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

Arians coached the Colts in place of Chuck Pagano during the 2012 season while Pagano underwent cancer treatments. The Colts made the playoffs that season and Arians made his way to Arizona the next season where he went 80-49 over the next five seasons.

Obviously there is a link between the two and if anything could convince Arians to rethink retirement it may be the Colts spot but it’s also worth noting he’s dealt with health issues of his own recently which may have contributed to him stepping down from the Cardinals spot despite little noise that he would be fired.

All that will not stop Colt fans from speculating until someone else is named for the spot.

The Colts have already asked the Patriots permission to interview Josh McDaniels.