Andrew Luck to Dwayne Allen for touchdown (GIF)

Dwayne Allen had eight regular season touchdowns, he added another one to his resume in Sunday’s AFC Divisional Round game.

The reception from Allen was for three yards and gave the Colts a 14-7 lead. Not bad for a team that entered this game as underdogs and has had to hear the rhetoric “their too young to win it all.”

Something tells us this game is far from being over and that the Colts former quarterback, Peyton Manning, will have a lot to say about the final outcome.

The drive for the Colts was aided by a couple of defensive holding penalties against the Broncos.

If Luck had any nerves about playing in Denver he has not shown it. On the day so far he is 15-of-20 for 134 yards and the touchdown pass. He is sporting the beard again because he is afraid of razor burn.