Dan Herron scores touchdown to tie game (GIF)

Getty Images

Getty Images

Dan “Boom” Herron went six yards and into the endzone in Sunday’s AFC Divisional Round game against the Broncos.

Since taking over as the lead running back of the Colts, Herron has breathed new life into the teams ground game which had become stagnant with Trent Richardson failing to accumulate yards.

Herron’s touchdown evened up the score in Sunday’s game and was made possible due to blocks by Dwayne Allen and Reggie Wayne.

The Colts entered this game as sizable underdogs on the road but currently have tied things up. Herron has 19 total yards in the game on five carries including the touchdown. After scoring he displayed some discomfort with his shoulder, how much it will hamper him further in this one remains to be seen.