Reggie Wayne will need offseson surgery

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne continues to deal with a triceps injury that will require offseaswon surgery.

Wayne, 36, has barley been noticed over the last five games averaging just three receptions for 18 yards. He has been so poor in the passing attack for the Colts that Hakeem Nicks and Donte Moncrief have outshined him opposite of T.Y. Hilton.

After weeks of trying to deny that the triceps injury was a concern, Wayne now seems to be offering it up as an excuse for his poor play. Equally concerning is his knee and elbow injuries.

The Colts should limit Wayne’s snaps in Sunday’s game against the Titans. They already have won the NFC South and have no incentive to win on Sunday other than to end the regular season on a high note.