Ty Detmer tells story of time brother Koy faked an injury to go on IR


Appearing on “Cheap Shots” with Luther Broughton and Micah Warrren, former quarterback Ty Detmer recalled a time that his brother Koy faked an injury to to land on injured reserve and remain with the Philadelphia Eagles.

According to Ty, the Eagles wanted Koy to fake a knee injury and go on injured reserve during his rookie season of 1997.  From there the story gets ridiculous and funny all at the same time.

I am not a big fan of long copied segments of text but to truly appreciate this story you have to read it all.

“[Koy] came up to me like a couple days before that day and was like ‘hey, they want me to go on injured reserve so they can keep me around, what do you think?,’ Detmer said. “And I’m like, ‘well, if they’re going to keep you around, you know I wouldn’t not do it.’ So that day before practice he comes up and he’s like ‘okay, today’s the day they told me.’

“So, we’re kind of in team period at the end of practice and they’re like ‘alright, Koy, you’re in!’ And so, he kind of goes in, runs a play, runs another play and then he looks at me and gives me this wink as he’s stepping in to call the play. And so I’m like, trying not to laugh cause I’m like, how is this gonna go down, you know? It’s a running play. He hands off and and as he’s coming out after the hand off to carry out his bootleg fake, he goes down and rolls around and grabs his knee.

“And oh man, you know, the whole practice kinda stops like, ‘what happened?’ And guys were coming up to me and, ‘oh man is this the same knee he hurt at Colorado?’ And I’m like ‘yeah I think so I don’t know, maybe he just you know twisted it a little or something.’ So they end up bringing the cart out and they cart him off the field.

“So, practice ends and I go into the training room you know, and there he is laying on the training room table with a towel over his face and I just kind of raised the corner up and peeked and he’s got this big old grin on his face. You know like ‘how was that for my acting job?’ I had to get out of there because I was about to just die laughing. And the rest of the team, you can’t say anything because nobody is supposed to know.

“And they’re all coming up giving their condolences and everything. And he leaves the training room facility with a big old knee brace on and crutches. Kinda like a guy that’s committing insurance fraud. You get home and you throw the crutches on the ground and walk around and do all your stuff at home without the big brace on.

“That was one of the funniest things I’ve seen because I knew what was coming and knew what was going on and nobody else did at the time except for a couple of the coaches.”

Which coaches knew?

“Well I’m sure [offensive coordinator, John] Gruden does because he totally knew it was time to take the dive,” Detmer said.