Richard Sherman on Garcon: ‘Pierre doesn’t matter in this league’


Richard Sherman has a new enemy. Sherman alleges that Pierre Garcon pulled his hair in Monday night’s game between the Seahawks and Redskins.

The two were involved in a bit of a scuffle during Monday’s contest which left Sherman jawing with Garcon as the receiver made his way to the Redskins sideline.

Asked after the game about Garcon, Sherman made it clear he was not a fan.

“Pierre doesn’t matter in this league,” Sherman said, according to CSN Washington. Asked what he meant, Sherman replied, “I mean exactly what I said.”

“When you can’t get open, you got to do whatever you can. The crowd is acting like I’m holding him. Obviously the TV copy you can see what happened.”

Sherman has previously had public arguments with 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree and Cardinals corner Patrick Peterson.