Jaguars have interest in QB Jimmy Garoppolo

With so many questions about the top tier quarterbacks in the upcoming NFL Draft it should come as no surprise that needy teams are floating the idea of passing on the position in the first round.

While it’s likely more than one of these teams are bluffing it does bring attention to second day players such as Pitt’s Tom Savage and Jimmy Garoppolo of Eastern Illinois.

According to SI’s Peter King, Garoppolo could be an option for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars recently re-signed Chad Henne and appear to have no qualms whim starting him for the entire season as they have reportedly been dissatisfied with this years quarterback crop.

Drafting a player like Garoppolo later in the draft would be less of a risk then taking a player the team is not sold on earlier.

Garoppolo is from the same college as Tony Romo. He has arm strength questions and his presence in the pocket has been shaky at times. He does get rid of the ball quick.

Other teams rumored to be passing on the first round according to King include Houston, Cleveland and Oakland.

The Raiders already have acquired Matt Schaub this offseason so them passing would not be a shock as their current staff is feeling the pressure to win now. The Browns have been in and out of the quarterback hunt all along but with a new coach and Brian Hoyer their only option they seem likely to spend an early pick on a quarterback. As for the Texans it has been assumed that they would take a quarterback with beat writer John McClain guaranteeing it.

This could simply be posturing as all four of these teams either need a quarterback or will shortly.