Browns finally release Brandon Weeden

On Wednesday the Cleveland Browns released former first-round draft pick Brandon Weeden.

Weeden, 30, spent two seasons in Cleveland. Last season he was 0-5 as a starter. In his two seasons he totaled 23 touchdowns and 29 interceptions to go along with a 71.8 quarterback rating.

It is hard to imagine Weeden getting more than a camp invite but stranger things, such as Blaine Gabbert being acquired via trade, have happened.

The Browns currently have only Brian Hoyer on their roster as capable quarterbacks. It is unclear if they will seek one via a trade or if they will select one in the draft. Two names floated around with the Browns recently were Matt Schaub and Rex Grossman. While Grossman is merely backup material, Schaub could be a bridge quarterback. Both have experience working with new Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

They have the No. 4 overall pick in this years draft.