Reggie Bush wants to play five more years

Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush wants to play five more seasons in the NFL.

Bush, an eight year veteran, will turn 29 in March.

“I feel good at this point, obviously I’m saying that because I’m not getting hit right now,” Bush told NBC’s Pro Football Talk. “I still feel like I can go, I don’t know how many years left, god willing I can play at least another 5 years. I would love to get at least another five years in.”

Bush said he would re-evaluate his thoughts after his tenth season, he currently has played eight.

“That’s kind I what I’ve been hearing from some of the veterans and some of the guys who retired,” Bush said. “Once you get past year 10 you just kind of, ‘Ok, I’ll see how I feel after this year,’ and you just kind of take it from there.”

Bush recorded 1,006 yards rushing this season finding the endzone four times on the ground. He also added 54 catches for 506 yards and three touchdowns though the air.