Dan Gilbert latest owner confused by Browns trade


On Wednesday the Cleveland Browns gave Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts for a future first round pick.

Richardson, 23, has been bothered by injuries and has hardly exemplified the model of top level running back when healthy but getting him is seen as a plus for the Colts who recently lost backup Vick Ballard to a season ending ACL tear.

So… if losing Richardson is a plus for the Colts that would mean that his loss would be a minus for the Browns. Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is one that sees it that way.

Dan you are missing the fact that the Browns suck, running backs are a dime a dozen and getting anything for the injured/ineffective Richardson is probably a plus for the Browns this season. They are starting their third string quarterback in Week 3 for Pete-sake.

As for the Colts this move is a step up from what they have this season with Ahmad Bradshaw. The Colts made the playoffs last season and Bradshaw was one of the teams biggest weaknesses to getting back there.