Video: Tom Brady throws football at Easter Bunny in ad for UNREAL


It is no shock to see Tom Brady in the following ads by UNREAL, a candy company that produces candy without the use of  corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, GMOs, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Brady has been a long time supporter of healthy eating.

In this year’s UNREAL ads, Brady along with other celebs are shown with the Easter Bunny who is heading off on his “apology tour”, sending his sincerest apologies across the nation for filling kids baskets with junk food filled with artificial ingredients.

That’s right, the Easter Bunny wants to make it right, and wants parents to “help.” The candy can be found at stores such as CVS or Target and currently comes in four flavors that mimic M&M’s, Snickers, Reeses Cups and Milky Ways.

In one of the ads, Brady is shown hitting the Bunny with a football:

In another ad, Brady tries to explain to the Bunny what to do after a touchdown.

On UNREAL’s website, the Easter Bunny talks about his transformation, ” I hadn’t read the labels. Uh oh. My bad. Why all the artificial stuff and so much sugar? Then I found this little company, UNREAL®, that makes candy from only real stuff, and it’s the best candy I ever tasted. UNREAL® gave me hope!” the site reads.

The Easter Bunny wants to know, will you accept his apology this Easter?