Wrap Up: Colin Kaepernick’s hot girlfriend, new tattoo, and how he could have been playing baseball


With the Super Bowl starting Sunday evening- we are wrapping up some of the previous (and new) news stories regarding San Francisco QB, Colin Kaepernick.

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Kaepernick took over the starting QB role after Alex Smith suffered a concussion. Kaepernick’s name has been in the news since, from being scrutinized over his tattoos, rumors of him getting a new tattoo win or lose after the Super Bowl or how his bio mom wants to meet him. Though Kaep has no interest in meeting her.

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Some of the latest news stories that have surrounded Kaepernick though involve his love life and how he could be playing baseball instead of football.

Kaep is said to be dating an up and coming model named J.Marie after dumping former girlfriend Corban Fennel. Back story is that Kaep dumped Fennel once he took on the starting job for the 49ers. Marie is a stunner though – see for yourself.

Did you know, Kaepernick could have been playing baseball for the Chicago Cubs instead of going to Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday night? Back in 2009 when he was in college at Nevada is where the story starts. He became draft eligible, and was selected by the Cubs in the 43rd round of the June amateur draft as a right-handed pitcher. Kaepernick had not played baseball since 2006 – but the scouts were going to take a chance.

Good thing Kaepernick declined!

Kaepernick even had the youngest fans rooting for him as seen in this video by 5 year old Sarah Redden rapping it up.

Kaepernick will undoubtedly be taking part in the most meaningful game of his life in just a few short hours when he faces off against Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis and the rest of the Baltimore Ravens at the Super Dome in New Orleans. [Super Bowl Odds]

Photo credit: J.Marie’s Official Site.