Colin Kaepernick plans new tattoo after Super Bowl, win or lose

San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick took on media day on Tuesday and was expecting the unexpected after 49ers staff prepped him for what was coming.

The 49ers are facing off against the Baltimore Ravens in New Orleans this Sunday, Feb 3.

Staff warned him that people might show up in costume and ask nonsense questions.  One reporter dressed in a super hero costume asked Kaepernick if it was possible to make an apple pie from an apple… of course Kaepernick answered correctly “yes.”

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Someone asked Kaepernick to sing the Rice-A-Roni jingle and a Mexican TV crew asked to name his favorite vice in Spanish. None of the mentioned is surprising for Super Bowl week, and the 25 year old Kaepernick handled it with ease.

The most interesting thing that happened though was Kaepernick let one reporter in on a little secret. Kaepernick told Mark Purdy that he plans to get another tattoo after the Super Bowl; win or lose.

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“I haven’t made the official phone call,” Kaepernick said. “But he knows I’m coming.”