Rolando McClain arrested after providing police with false name

Oakland Raiders linebcker Rolando McCalain was arrested following a stop by police on Tuesday afternoon. McClain was pulled over for dark window tinting but rather then simply accept his citation the linebacker reportedly wrote “F*** y’all” in the signature block. He was then arrested for providing a false name to police.

McClain was given a second chance to sign the ticket to which he responded “That is my name.”

When asked if he believed that police were out to get him McClain said “Yes. You said it. I answered it'” via The Decatur Daily

McClain was released on $1,000 bail and charged with a misdemeanor in addition to the window tint violation.

This is not the first time that McClain has found himself in trouble with the law. In May, McClain was convicted of assault on a former friend and sentenced to six months in jail. The case was later dismissed on appeal after the victim dropped the charges.