Police report Chicago Bears fan had throat cut in Florida bar

Police are reporting that a Chicago Bears fan who came to Jacksonville for the Bears versus Jaguars football game had his throat slashed inside a bar on Sunday.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says 42-year-old William C. “Chris” Pettry died early Sunday inside Fionn MacCool’s, an Irish-themed restaurant at The Jacksonville Landing.

Twenty-seven-year-old Matthew Hinson is being held without bond on a murder charge.

Apparently Hinsons wife and Pettry were talking when Hinson became angry or jealous. Sheriff Lt Rob Schoonover said that according to one witness Hinson just calmly walked over to Pettry and cut his throat in cold blood murder.

When Hinson was caught by police they asked why he stabbed Pettry, Hinson replied, “I don’t know.”

Lovie Smith, Chicago Bears coach mentioned the tragedy during a press conference today saying, “Our prayers definitely go out to his family.”

Below is a photo of Hinson after police and him got into a scuffle upon him being arrested.








Source: Chicago Tribune and Photo Source: Jacksonville Police Department

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