Yes, NASCAR wastes your time thinking they would race at Dover

Sorry fans. NASCAR did it again. You know what I am talking about. That faux idea that racing would happen despite the radar showing rain and … well the track being wet and rain coming down.

It was not a surprise to see the race delayed. In fact NASCAR knew about the rain all day but they waited. They dried the track, pushed cars to the grid and took pace laps.

And to no surprise Mother Nature slapped them.

It rained.

Decisions like this from NASCAR has not been uncommon. In fact it has been the norm for a decade and because running the race on Sunday and sending everyone home would be in everyone’s best interest for time these decisions do not appear to be coming to an end.

So if you were wondering. Yes, NASCAR toyed with you, fed you political sized lies and left you empty. The race will now be run Monday at noon. How that impacts everyone is different but if you waited around Sunday you will never get that time back.


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