Watch Jeff Gordon Take Writer on Fake Police Chase (Video)


Last year Pepsi and NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon released a video called, ” Test Drive” where Gordon took a car salesmen through a full speed joy ride through an abandoned parking lot.

Many writers and fans were skeptical if the video was real at all. One writer, Travis Okulski from the car blog Jalopnik was extremely critical of the video. He took to his blog and deciphered every part of the video to prove just how fake the video was.

Gordon found out about Okulski and decided to get him back in this years edition called, “Test Drive 2” — and this time, according to Okulski — it is 100% real. He details the whole experience on his blog.


In the video, Okulski thinks he is in Charlotte to test drive a new Camaro. The writer gets into the back of a cab driven by Gordon, who is playing a cab driver that spent ten years in jail. Gordon takes Okulski through several twist and turns through a closed course, where he is beyond freaking out the whole time. The video ends with Gordon pulling into a garage full of Pepsi MAX and jumping out of the car revealing who he really is.


Okulski said Gordon caused him a real problem, “If I’m ever really kidnapped, I’ll just think it’s Pepsi and Jeff Gordon pranking me.”

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