NASCAR to announce updates to penalty and appeal process

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Getty Images

NASCAR will hold a media conference on Tuesday morning outlining updates to NASCAR’s penalty and appeal process.

Steve O’ Donnell and Robin Pemberton will be discussing the changes.

The current appeal process is as follows: 

1. A written request for an appeal must be made to the National Stock Car Racing Chief Appellate Officer within 10 calendar days of the notice of the penalty.
2. The National Stock Car Racing Chief Appellate Officer will set a date and location.
3. From the pool of commission members, the chairman will be joined by a minimum of two to constitute a quorum. Commission members are selected based on their knowledge and experience. They include men and women from a variety of motorsports backgrounds, some active in the sport and some retired. They include promoters, industry leaders, and dignitaries from other forms of professional motorsports.
4. Appeal would be heard; decision handed down.
5. If the team is not satisfied with the decision, they could make a final appeal to the National Stock Car Racing Chief Appellate Officer. All decisions are final.

Announcement of updates to the penalty and appeals process comes just a week after NASCAR announcing the overhaul of their point and Championship format.

Updates to the processes will be posted tomorrow.

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