Joey Logano defends Chase spot, “look at the numbers”


Joey Logano is in the Chase for the Sprint Cup he believes that spot was earned.

The first-year Penske Racing driver was surprised when told that NASCAR was reviewing radio transmission of the No. 38 car driven by David Gilliland. Late in last Saturday’s race at Richmond Gilliland was asked to give up a spot to Logano.

“That is new stuff to me. Obviously there is no transcript on our radio of anything said about it (and) obviously I would have known about it if that was the case,” Logano said on Thursday at Chicagoland, via The Associated Press.

Logano wondered if a discussion on top of the spotter stand was significant as deals are made and broken weekly.

“That is stuff that happens week in and week out with spotters. They are up there communicating back and forth trying to work deals out — ‘Hey, help me out here, I will help you out here, let’s work together.’ That happens all the time,” Logano said. “I don’t look at it as being a big deal at all.”

Logano is not about to see his Chase spot go away because of the actions of Michael Waltrip Racing’s Clint Bowyer.

“It wasn’t to help me, it was to help themselves,” Logano said. “Indirectly, it helped me and hey, thanks, all right, that is fine, whatever. If you want to write a story about how we shouldn’t be here because of what happened with the Waltrip cars, go ahead but I think it is a bunch of B.S. if you write a story like that because if you look at the numbers, it proves everyone wrong.”

Prior to Richmond Logano reeled off six consecutive top ten finishes including a win at Richmond.