Biffle regarding Edwards: There was a “miscommunication” at Michigan


Carl Edwards asked his Roush Fenway Racing teammate for help twice during the Quicken Loans 400 at Michigan International Speedway on Sunday. The second request came with 40 laps to go — and Edwards said he understood why Biffle chose not to help him, “That one I understood,” Edwards said. “It was toward the end of the race and it was for the lead. And frankly, our car was pretty fast. That was probably wishful thinking.”

It was the need for help with 70 laps remaining that had Edwards miffed.

With 70 laps remaining, Edwards asked Biffle to drop six or so car lengths to help clear an overheating problem when they were racing for sixth and seventh place positions. Edwards request was ignored.

Edwards was frustrated and was heard on the radio saying, regarding Biffle, “he ain’t no teammate.”

Biffle in a conversation with ESPN, said he never heard of Edward’s first request and totally understood Edwards frustration regarding the miscommunication.

“I can see where he’d be upset under those circumstances,” said Biffle “All I can say is I’ll help Carl absolutely anytime I can. We go out of our way to help each other. It’s a team sport. None us do it all on our own.”

After the race, a reporter asked Edwards if Biffle should have helped him, Edwards thinking the reporter was asking of the first instance, replied, “It’s his job to help.”

According to ESPN, the two discussed the incident during debriefing on Monday, but even then, Biffle was uncertain that they were discussing two different request.

The two plan to meet Friday morning in Sonoma to clear up any miscommunications.

“We need to work together,” Biffle said. “I understand he’s upset. I clearly see why he would be under those circumstances. I can’t really tell you what happened.”

Biffle said that it is his job to help his teammate, “We have a mutual agreement and unwritten agreement that we work together 100 percent.”