NASCAR casino games

Casino games based around sports have become a fixture at most online casino sites over the past few years, as the casino companies have recognised that there is a huge demand for them amongst sports fans looking for an alternative to conventional sports betting. However, until recently there haven’t been any casino games dedicated to NASCAR, which seems like a pretty major oversight, for a sport with such a huge following throughout much of the States. That has been rectified now though, and fans of NASCAR racing now have two excellent rival games competing for their attentions.

The first of these is the official NASCAR slots game, which is a progressive slot that offers players the unique opportunity to step into the boots of some of the greatest drivers in NASCAR history – including the likes of Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer and Dale Earnhardt Jr. The NASCAR slot makes you feel like you are literally in the driver’s seat, of whichever icon you pick, experiencing video graphics and sound effects of a race – including the roar of the engines and the cheers of the watching crowd. Throw in no less than three outstanding bonus games – U-Race, Pit Stop and Burnout – and this is game that any NASCAR lover should enjoy.
Then again, there is another equally impressive NASCAR themed casino game available in Fast Lane – a slot that pretty much equals the official NASCAR one for video and audio excitement.

Furthermore, with fifty pay lines, Fast Lane really offers you a great chance of winning a payout from playing it – without which even the most sophisticated online slots game is not really worth the time and money. The bonus game is a little hard to activate, as you need to get a reel with at least three of the flag symbols on it, but once you do the bonus game is fun and offers you the chance to win an impressive prize. It would seem likely that any devotee of NASCAR would find either the official slot game or Fast Lane offers them something they will like.


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