NASCAR wants fans to vote for Sprint Unlimited rules


NASCAR has introduced another gimmick in order to connect with fans. Fans will now determine the rules for the ‘Sprint Unlimited’ the non-point race which precedes the Daytona 500.

A total of 22 drivers will be in the race which will consist of 75 laps.

Fans will be able to vote via the new NASCAR app and the sports website to determine the following rules for the race.

Race Format: How should the three race segments be divided?

— 40/20/15 laps
— 35/30/10 laps
— 30/25/20 laps

Pit Stop: Should there be a required pit stop at the end of the first segment?

— No pit stop
— Yes, two tires
— Yes, four tires

Elimination: How many cars should be eliminated at the end of the second segment?

— None
— Two cars
— Four cars
— Six cars

NASCAR has set a goal to interact with fans better but these votes mean little. It is still Daytona, thus the final segment could be 10, 5, or 2 laps and it changes nothing. The same can be said for a pit-stop, often we have seen drivers come from the back and move to the front in a matter of turns at Daytona.

Votes cast in the NASCAR app will count as two votes, the website will count as one. Fans can also vote on the design of Miss Sprint Cup’s fire suit.