Braves lack punch in 8 game skid

MLB: APR 25 Braves at MetsIt’s easy to sum up why the Atlanta Braves are on an 8 game slide. They can’t score. The Braves have managed a whopping 13 runs in their 8 losses or an average of 1.62 runs per game. Their pitchers have allowed 4.62 runs per game but if you take out an 8 spot that Philadelphia put up on Thursday it comes down to a respectable 4.12.

On the season the Braves have one player hitting above .250 in Martin Prado. (.361) That could be fine if they could get on base but only 4 players in the everyday lineup have an OBP above .310 and with the exception of Jason Heyward there’s a major power outage in the lineup as well.

Going back to when they were no-hit by Ubaldo Jimenez the Braves have been shutout four times. They have scored more then 3 runs a total of 3 times. Yikes.

With Adam Wainwright on the mound for the Cardinals in series finale thing’s are looking quite bad for the team.

A shakeup is needed but with the players the Braves have and a less then thrilling bench it’s hard to envision much change anytime soon unless some of these veteran bats start to click.