Brewers: Jesus Aguilar shows support for teammate Josh Hader after tweets surface

While Josh Hader was struggling on the mound during Monday’s MLB All-Star game, some past tweets he would probably have preferred to have deleted began to surface.

In an age of social media, it’s almost amazing that it took until the All-Star game for Hader’s insensitive tweets to surface.

MLB has opted not suspend Hader for comments which were made seven years ago and instead will have him complete sensitivity training.

Brewers teammate Jesus Aguilar sent out tweets in support of Hader, deeming the pitcher to not be racist.

Speaking to reporters after the All-Star game, Hader admitted mistakes in making the posts when he was 17.

“It’s just something that happened,” Hader said. “I was 17 years old. As a child, I was immature. I obviously said some things that were inexcusable. That doesn’t reflect on who I am as a person today. That’s just what it is.”

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