Door for return to Cubs closing for Wade Davis; Nationals, Cardinals and Rockies remain options

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The chances of Wade Davis returning to the Cubs have taken a big blow in recent days. With Brandon Morrow landing a two-year deal with an option year and reports that the Cubs have reached out to others is painting a picture that the team’s 2017 All-Star may be pitching elsewhere in 2018.

Davis and his agent had to know that remaining with the Cubs was slim. The longer the offseason went the more the Cubs were going to work to fixing a rotation and adding pieces to a bullpen that proved to be a problem in the playoffs. Even with Morrow signed the Cubs are going to need to add another arm. In addition to Davis the Cubs also lost Hector Rondon this winter. While Rondon was no longer the team’s closer his departure nonetheless leaves another vacancy.

Interest in Davis is mixed. The Nationals, Cardinals and Rockies seem to have the most interest in the 32-year-old. Others have interest for sure but the price that Davis and Greg Holland for that matter will command will place them out of the price range for many.

So far it does not appear anyone is particularly close on a deal with Davis. The Cardinals believe fixing the back end of their bullpen is important with Trevor Rosenthal being released following an injury and Seung-hwan Oh also a free agent. While Oh had a strong 2016 season, the Cardinals seem to have soured on him following a rocky 2017 campaign. He certainly would come cheaper than Davis or Holland but with much more question marks.

Some may feel that Dave Martinez being the Nationals manager could help land Davis due to their time together with the Cubs and Rays but that seems like a flimsy assumption. Davis knows he will be the closer wherever he goes so he is not looking for a manager who will do him a favor and consider him for a spot. Right now if the numbers were right Davis would be the closer for more than 20 teams including all of those who have checked in on him.

Putting Davis or Holland over one another seems fruitless. They are both going to land closing gigs as they should and they are both going to be paid quite well. Their average annual salary is going to be close and really it comes down to who is willing to offer the money and when.

John Bman
John Bman
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