Mississippi high school homecoming queen plays football

Females playing football against males is a rarity, which is why we always take a moment to write about one each season.

Mary Kate Smith will be crowned homecoming queen of South Jones High School in Mississippi on Sept. 26 and a few minutes later she will take off her dress and squeeze into a football uniform.

Smith is the teams kicker, a skill she picked up from playing soccer for numerous years. The 17-year-old also offered a little fashion advice for others trying to look good in their uniform.

“I’ve figured out how to adjust my pants and belt so it makes my legs look longer (that’s always a plus), and I love the dark blue color of my jersey because it brings out my eyes,” she told Yahoo Style.

Make no mistake, Smith is not a tomboy. In fact she loves shopping and even years jewelry to practice.

“My teammates always mess with me about being so girly because a lot of times I’ll wear my rings and earring and necklaces to practice,” she says. “I just tell them I’m practicing with style!”

Hey whatever gets the football through the uprights.

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