Report: Lolo Jones involved in bar fight


Olympic athlete Lolo Jones was reportedly involved in a bar fight on Friday night in Lake Placid where she is training with her bobsled team.

Jones, who was at the bar, allegedly knocked out Tony Carlino’s step daughter.

Carlino is the head of the bob sled team Miss Jones is on.

According to Fox Sports Tonight Radio Host Amy Van Dyken (Rob Dibble is her co-host by the way)  it is being covered up.

Skip to 34:10 of the show to hear the story:

It seems like some people on Twitter can back the story up.


We do not know what to say really – but can’t be surprised it it ends up true. If the above doesn’t make you shake your head, this video sure will. Apparently, Jones was going to eat 10,000 calories to celebrate her 10,000 tweet and in order to prepare for bob sled training…

The best part of this video is most likely Weird Al and “Eat it… Eat it..”