Roy Hibbert uses gay slur and expletives while speaking to media


credit: getty images

The Indiana Pacers forced a Game 7 against the Miami Heat. After the game star Roy Hibbert spoke to the media and uses a few questionable phrases.

In one question Hibbert was asked about defending Lebron James. Hibbert talked about how James was able to stretch him out and then ended his answer with the words “no homo.”

Hibbert was also asked about why he finished so low in the NBA Defensive Player of the Year.

”because y’all mother (expletive) don’t watch us play throughout the year, to tell you the truth.” Hibbert replied.

Before everyone bashes him for it, it is worth nothing that Hibbert was supportive of former NBA player Jason Collins coming out as gay.

Hibbert has also reached out to Collins recently on twitter.

Though thus far Collins has not followed Hibbert.

Hibbert will get punished by the NBA for his actions, hopefully it is nothing drastic like being suspended for Game 7 of the series.