WWE Champion CM Punk punches fan during Monday Night RAW


In last nights episode of WWE RAW, CM Punk might of gotten himself into a bit of trouble.

The WWE star was going to have a match with Vince McMahon, but instead he ended up attacking him before the match officially started. At that time Ryback came out into the ring to help McMahon, Punk then ran into the stands.

With the above being “all part of the show” it is what happened next that has people talking and not so sure about.

Apparently fans were touching Punk as he was in the crowd as you can see in the video – but well, what could he expect? That is pretty common if you choose to go into where the fans are.

It went too far when a fan pushed him one to many times and Punk after giving him a dirty look the first time turned around and slugged the guy.

The only issue with Punk’s punch? Well in the video it seems like he hit the wrong guy.


Surely this could be bad for WWE business if it ends up to all be true and not part of the act like many are thinking. WWE will be liable for not sending Punk to a secured area of the crowd. Though we are not excusing Punk’s behavior… As he is a professional wrestler and should be able to act as if he is, regardless of a fans actions.

Below is the video from last night.


  1. Hey, the “alleged fan” did push/hit Punk a couple of times, not that it makes it right, but he put himself into a situation. I don’t blame Punk!

    • With all of the dumbasses who rush the ring to take a shot at there wrestling nemesis I don’t blame Punk or any other superstar put in that position to take a swing and defend themselves while still putting on a show. If you put you’re hands on the talent in a physical way other than just patting em on the back then you deserve to get your ass handed to you!

  2. Apparently now he is getting attorney after telling Police he didn’t want to press charges…Damn ambulance chasing attorney caught up with him and see’s money….


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