Ever wonder how much MLB players get for in-game interviews?

You are watching a Major League Baseball game. Suddenly you hear the announcers talking to someone. That someone is one of the players. Rather than being a pitcher on an off day or a player on the bench, this player is on the field.

On field interviews have become a fixture on broadcasts on FOX, ESPN, TBS, Apple, and Peacock. Which begs the question why are these players talking?

MLB is doing everything they can to increase interaction and showcase players. This has led to microphones making their way on the field. Of course players, rightfully so, were cautious to accept this distraction for concerns a situation like the one that happened to Athletics’ outfielder Ramon Laureano could occur.

This has led baseball to create a monetary incentive. According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, players are paid $10,000 for these interviews. This money comes from MLB and the player’s association.

While $10,000 may appear to be a small sum for players making in excess of $1 million or more a season but when you consider these interviews last jut a few minutes it’s a good deal for players.

John Bman
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