NFL’s first overall pick up for grabs with two weeks left

With two weeks worth of games left in the season the Jacksonville Jaguars have moved closer to claiming the top pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Bettors at top online casino UK have seen the Jaguars lose games to the Texas and Jets in the past two weeks to cement themselves at the top of the draft board.

With an upcoming game against the Patriots who are fighting for a playoff spot/division title the Jaguars will again find themselves in a tough spot in Week 17 before closing out the season against the suddenly hot Indianapolis Colts. Chances for another Jaguars win this season are slim.

The Jaguars loss to the New York Jets dropped them to 2-13 and while the Detroit Lions also have just two wins on the season (2-12-1) a tie against the Pittsburgh Steelers has them currently second in the draft order. The remaining games on the schedule for the Lions are a road game against the Seattle Seahawks who could not even defeat a Nick Foles led Chicago Bears team in Week 16 and a home game against the Green Bay Packers who have positioned themselves as the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoff picture. The Packers could end up starting Jordan Love at quarterback in that game which did not go well when they did the same against Kansas City in November. Of course the Lions the the Chiefs have nowhere near the same level of talent. If the Lions score one win it will not alter their draft spot. Two wins coupled with Houston Texans loses would move them back a spot.

Checking in at third is the Texas (4-11) who have left quarterback Deshaun Watson inactive all season as he has been investigated for numerous accusations of sexual misconduct. The Texans have won back-to-back games against the Jaguars and Los Angeles Chargers. These wins have ended their chances for the top overall pick and with the sudden showing of life one cannot rule wins against the San Francisco 49ers or Tennessee Titans out of the question as their season comes to a close.

Even with the win over the Jaguars, the Jets are currently positioned to have the No. 4 and No. 7 picks in the draft thanks to a trade that sent Jamal Adams to the Seattle Seahawks (5-10). The Jets have remaining games against Tampa Bay and the Buffalo Bills who are could still be in a battle with the Patriots for the AFC East title. Losses by the Seahawks to the Lions and Arizona Cardinals are just what the Jets want in order to keep those spots in tact.

The New York Giants are currently fifth in the draft order at 4-11 and an amusing thing will happen this week as the Giants and Chicago Bears meet. The Giants currently have the Bears 8th pick. In fact the whole fifth through ninth spot in the draft order is fluid with two weeks to go.

John Boarman
John Boarman
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