New Rules will Change F1 cars for 2014


For the first time since 1988 F1 cars will be equipped with Turbo engines but that will not be the only change fans will notice.

When the Formula One season gets underway on Mar. 16 for the Australian Grand Prix there will be a host of changes on the F1 liveries.

Turbo Engines

The turbo engine is back in F1. These engines will have strong acceleration which fans will notice alters the sound of the car. With the smaller engines, radiators and other parts have also shrunk. All of these changes will make reliability a major concern in 2014.

The Shape

Aerodynamic changes have resulted in lower noses. The wings of these cares will also be narrower. On the back of the cars the big wing has also taken a makeover. The minimum weight of F1 cars will increase to 690 kg (1521 lbs)this season.


In 2014 Pirelli will provide different tyres. The new tyres will be made of a harder compound. Teams will also be allotted an extra set each race weekend.

John Boarman
John Boarman
Founder and Owner of Tireball Sports.

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