Bengals coach throws support behind Andy Dalton

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis again threw support behind quarterback Andy Dalton as their starter in 2015.

What else could Lewis say, the Bengals have no other options on their roster and the NFL Draft is considered weak on quarterback prospects.

Under Lewis the Bengals have been incredably stable at quarterback going from Jon Kitna to Carson Palmer and now Dalton.

“Fortunately, somehow I’ve got the right little thing on my shoulder that says, ‘Don’t get into a quarterback controversy,’” Lewis said. “That’s worked from Jon to Carson to Andy. It’s helped us have the success we’ve had and those guys have been good players, productive players. Even when they’ve left out of here they’ve been productive. It works.

“We have no problem with Andy Dalton as our quarterback. We don’t have time to waste time with another QB” said Lewis. “To not continue to press forward and get Andy better and to get whoever the backup quarterbacks are better. The quarterback competition. Where has it worked? It doesn’t get you wins.”

Dalton has been added to the Pro Bowl roster in place of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He joins A.J. Green, Kevin Huber and Geno Atkins as representatives in the game for the Bengals.


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