Browns fan apologizes to Johnny Manziel for confrontation

The fan who accused Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel of starting a fight with him has released an apology to the rookie quarterback via Facebook.

“First off I would like to apologize for approaching you the way I did. All I ever wanted was to show love and give respect. What occurred that night was a huge misunderstanding. Never did I intend to escalate an altercation. I was simply overwhelmed by seeing the man, which I believe is the quarterback of the future of Cleveland. I apologize for the incident and bringing a negative light to your name and reputation. Especially After you’ve done such a good job of being under the radar and being a true professional on and off the field. I never attempted to pursue charges or criminally prosecute the individual who assaulted me that night. Even though I was advised too by my legal counsel. As a true Clevelander I wish you the best and I’m ready for you to “wreck this league.” (via CBS Sports)

Police were called to an incident in a lobby of Manziel’s residence at 2:36 a.m. on Nov. 22 at which time Gonos told police that he was assaulted by Manziel and his entourage. No arrests were made at the time and Manziel was never listed as a suspect in the incident.

Manziel will make the first start of his NFL career when the Browns (7-6) host the Bengals (8-4-1) on Sunday.