Robert Griffin not best quarterback on team says ESPN writer

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Robert Griffin III is now a full year removed from his knee surgery. There is a new coach in town and yet questions about the quarterback’s techniques are being questioned.

ESPN Boston writer Mike Reiss offered the following take on Griffin this morning after watching joint practices between the Redskins and Patriots.

“One of my biggest takeaways from Patriots-Redskins joint practices was surprise that Robert Griffin III didn’t look like the best quarterback on his own team. In fact, I thought Kirk Cousins was better than him, from the perspective of running the offense, fine-tuned mechanics and how decisively the ball came out of his hand. I wondered if I was alone, and then heard the same sentiment echoed by some others in the Patriots organization.”

The Redskins considered trading Cousins this offseason but were apparently looking for a second round pick. He will return to the team to be Griffin’s backup.

Any analysis of Cousins right now is likely to be skewed a bit by his 9-of-13 for 103 yards and a touchdown in the preseason opener against the Patriots.