Bears suspend Martellus Bennett following scuffle with Kyle Fuller

Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery announced on Tuesday that the team has suspended tight end Martellus Bennett indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team.

Bennett was involved in a scuffle with rookie Kyle Fuller on Tuesday. Moments later, receiver Brandon Marshall had some words for Bennett. They were broken up by running back Matt Forte and defensive end Lamarr Houston. At that point Monday’s practice was ended.

Under CBA rules, disciple for conduct detrimental to the team calls for a maximum fine of one-week salary and/or a four-week unpaid suspension.

“Every single play I’m scratching and fighting for everything. Same way I play every single day. I play hard. I go hard every single day. I’m probably one of the most violent people on the field.”

“It’s practice. Practice is practice. I know I sound like Allen Iverson right now, but at the end of the day it’s practice. In practice, (stuff) happens. You learn from it, that’s why you practice. You learn from things that happen in practice.”