Who cares that Chad Johnson still wants to play football?


Chad Johnson is still hopeful that he will play in the NFL again. Who cares?

Not a single team showed interest in Johnson after he was cut from the Miami Dolphins during the 2012 preseason.

Johnson told CSN Houston that he still wants to play football and that he would like to play for the Houston Texans. He went on to say he was in no position to be picky. Talk about an understatement.

Could a team take a chance on the now 35-year-old Johnson? Sure but why.

There was a time I really liked Chad Johnson. He was a funny guy and even with some of his celebratory antics, Johnson seemed like he genuinely cared about football.

The problem was Johnson still saw himself as a top flight receiver when he was fading down the depth chart. His antics grew tiring on people and during his stay in New England it became clear that he no longer put the effort in to read the playbook.

Needless to say he was out of New England and pretty much out of football.

Chad Johnson only wants attention. He is alone, broke and bored.

These days Johnson is trying to attach his name to anything. Johnson has made public apologizes for his sex tape, his behavior during his NFL career and has even appeared at a NASCAR event. JUST-GO-AWAY.

I do not know what the public opinion of Chad Johnson will be in ten years but it can probably be summed up in a few lines.

Chad Johnson was a very good football player for a period of time. Johnson had all the skills to be great but got caught up in being Ochocinco. Even when Chad was no longer on the football field he still thought he was the best player, hence why no one wanted him around their team anymore.