Romeo Crennel halts Chiefs’ dance parties

For a one win team the Kansas City Chiefs sure know how to dance. Actually dancing may be the only thing the Chiefs can do well this season. Sadly head coach Romeo Crennel does not seem impressed.

Crennel who recently fired himself as the teams defensive coordinator has put the brakes on the Chiefs dancing ways.

So where did all the dancing come from?

“I have no idea,” Crennel told The Kansas City Star. “It was a surprise to me to see some of those celebrations, per se. The rules are explicit about no celebrating, particularly group celebrations. You cannot have those. Our guys, they know the rules and they should not have done it. I will talk to my players about that, and I don’t expect it to happen again.”

The worst part for the Chiefs is that much of their dancing was done on plays that were called back

Chiefs defenders were flagged for excessive celebration after Justin Houston returned an apparent Steelers fumble for the score. The play was later ruled an incomplete pass.

In the same game, Dwayne Bowe was penalized for taunting Pittsburgh on a touchdown catch that also wound up being called back for penalty.

The Chiefs will host the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.