Facebook map shows college football allegiances

You have probably seen one of these maps before. The map below shows the favorite college football teams of the fifth United States.

The data is based on fans who “like” a team’s official Facebook Page.


For the most part it makes sense… for the most part.

Florida is represented in 27 different states, or a total of 423 counties. Texas on the other hand is the favorite school of 543 counties across 23 states according to USA Today’s FTW.

Do not ask me why the Northeast has so many Gator fans, or why people in Maine like the Longhorns. I also cannot explain why there is that spec of blue in Georgia.

It should come as little surprise that Illinois and Missouri are two of the most undecided states as neither state has had a strong program of late.

Also big props to Michigan and Ohio State for winning all counties in their state. (And more importantly avoiding that awkward moment when a county prefers their out of state rivals.)

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