Barbie to be on SI Swimsuit cover

Barbie-Sports IllustratedAh, Barbie. With all the critics of Barbie’s waist and long legs – we will hear it when the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition hits the shelves.

According to multiple reports, the doll will actually appear as a cover wrap on 1,000 or more copies of the issue with the caption “The doll that started it all.”

Now 55, Barbie does not look all too different from her early years.

So exactly why is Barbie going to the cover? Who knows.

Either way its sure to get more than its fair share of publicity, which more or less is what really matters anyway.

And it’s not like retailers such as Target are complaining, they are going to release a special edition Barbie.

Barbie you are 55 and still making $1.3 billion a year in sales. Wow.