Father questions “ringers” on son’s football team, son gets kicked off team

A father in Arizona is not happy that his son was kicked off his competitive tackling football team.

Scott Kelly posted on Facebook asking about “ringers” or players who were added to the team after it had went undefeated in the regular season before the playoffs began.

That was enough to get his son Jacob, 9, booted from the team.

As reported by ABC News:

James Vieth, president of the Tackle Football League of the National Youth Sports in Southeast Valley Phoenix, told ABC News that the “ringers” Kelly refers to are fully authorized players. He says as long as they paid the registration fee and signed up before the Oct. 24 deadline, the players are allowed on the team.

“The kids were registered to play. Am I supposed to tell the parents ‘No, you can’t let the kids play?'” Vieth told ABC News. “I’m more than happy to sit in on resolution, but right now he and coach don’t want to take time to talk and the child is getting hurt because of that.”

Kelly had to tell his son that he was kicked off the team.

“He welled up and cried a little bit and said ‘Hey dad thank you for doing the right thing and sticking up for me,” Kelly said.

Dad is not planning a lawsuit and Jacob is now playing basketball.