Superfly Snuka case reopened, no charges expected


The Lehigh County District Attorney has reopened the case regarding the death of Nancy Argentino. While the case is three decades old family members believe that former wrestler Jimmy Snuka is ultimately responsible.

At the request of two of Argentino’s sisters the case is being reopened by District Attorney Jim Martin. Chief Deputy District Attorney Charles Gallager will work the case with help from Lehigh County Detective Gerry Procanyn. Procanyn led the initial investigation into Argentino’s death.

“I told them I didn’t want to raise any false expectations and I wasn’t making any commitments, but I told them we’ll take a look at it,” Martin told the Courier-Post in a phone interview.

Argentino’s sisters believe she was murdered. Her death had previously been attributed to a head injury suffered from a fall.

“Seriously, I don’t have ill will against him (Snuka),” sister Louise Argentino-Upham maintained. “I just feel if you did something like that, you should pay for it and you do your time.”

Snuka was found liable in a 1985 wrongful death judgment and ordered to pay $500,000. He has not done so.

For what it is worth Martin does not believe Snuka will be charged and has doubts whether he will even be questioned.