Basketball: Barack Obama misses 18 shots in a row

Barack Obama attempted to play basketball on Monday. The word attempt is used because Obama missed 18 consecutive shots proving that liking and being good at something are different.

From ABC:

After missing three during a general shoot around, Obama lined up with kids at the free throw line. The kids were asked to stand on opposite sides of the president based on whether they thought he would make it.

Only one boy went to the “miss” side.“Oh, man,” the president declared, but the boy stood his ground (and rightly so).

Obama took his shot. It hit the rim, circled and dropped outside.The president then posed for pictures and went off to play tennis on the other side of the court.

Minutes later, at O for 4 the president, an avid basketball player, declared “I have to hit one shot before I go.”

Then, finally, on his 18th attempt of the morning, the president made his layup.

Obama finished the day 2-for-22